Our Story

“FrugoBee is America’s new way of doing business, now customers set the price.”

FrugoBee is a new-age online marketplace empowering individuals and businesses to get things done at affordable prices. We link consumers in need of any specific job and/or service to professionals willing to work at the consumer’s predetermined prices.

Individual service categories include Dog Walkers, Personal Chefs, Housekeepers, Carpenters, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Handymen, Landscapers, Home Renovations, Computer Technicians, etc.

Business service categories include Office Administrators, Receptionists, Virtual Assistants, Web Designers & Programmers, Copywriters, Editors & Proofreaders, Legal, Bookkeepers, Sales & Marketing, Design & Multimedia, etc.

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Our Mission
To make home and business services affordable to homeowners, business owners and consumers.

Our Story
FrugoBee was born out of frustration when the company founder, Dea Woods, experienced being charged an exorbitant fee of over $200 per hour for a small home improvement project.  She sought out other contractors, but none were willing to negotiate a lower price, than what had been quoted for the small job. She accepted the bid, the work was done, but this frustration led Dea on a quest to build a business for other consumers who may be struggling to find reasonable fees, in not only the home improvement industry, but also in other business related industries, such as;
Website Developers, Furniture Assembly, Web Design, Movers, Landscaping, Writers, You name it. 

Dea, achieved this by creating a platform that allows both consumer, and skilled professionals to connect, with the purpose of negotiating affordable rates, based on the customer’s set budget. It creates a win-win for the customer, and service providers willing to work within the customer’s set-budget.