Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

How do I know if this website is secure?
To ensure your safety, we are SSL certified, which provides secure connection from our web server to your browser – providing secure online transactions.

How does FrugoBee pay for expenses to maintain the website?
There is a small percentage levied against each transaction, plus fifty cents per assignment.

What is the Screening process used to check service providers?
Contractors wishing to bid on home and business jobs must undergo a strict third party vetting process, which includes a national background check. Once cleared, you are allowed to accept home visits. There is a one-time fee of $25.00 to process your background check.

How do I contact customer service?
Send us an email at cs@frugobee.com.

How to Post a Job?
In My Account, Click on the Post New Project, complete  project info – click next step options – click next step, preview – click next step, payment & Finish – click Finalize Project Posting upon Approval of your project you will be prompted to escrow the funds via PayPal, prior to hiring the Service Provider.

How do I Complete my Profile or Edit my Profile?
Go to the Top Colored BLACK BAR and Click on the word FrugoBee. This is your personal Dashboard Control Panel. Click on Profile and complete your profile. The more information you list about yourself, the better your changes increase in your Job search.

How do I change my Password?
Changing your password is done on the user profile page, located on your personal control panel dashboard.  Go to the Top Colored BLACK BAR and Click on the word FrugoBee. This is your personal Dashboard Control Panel. Scroll down and change your password.

What is a Service Contractors?
Service Contractors are Individuals and Business Consumers Looking to Hire Service Providers, by Posting Their Jobs or Business Assignments

What is a Service Provider?
Service Providers are Contractors Looking for Work Assignments.

What are your Fees?
This is a Free Membership Platform and there are no monthly frees. We monetize our cost by levying a 15% deduction on each transaction, which Includes 2.9% plus .30¢ deducted by PayPal. Example the winning bid is $100.00 -15% = $85 dollars payable to the service provider.

How does FrugoBee work?
FrugoBee is a free platform to connect with the skilled workmen and other service providers to get your work done.  You can post a job to get work done or look for work by reviewing current jobs! Visit our How it Works page to learn America’s New Way of Doing Business.

What does skilled worker mean?
A skilled worker is someone who is very good at any particular job. Your skill may be developing and programing computers, landscaping, cleaning homes, heavy lifting, jack of all trades “handyman”, moving furniture, assembling products, running errands, these are examples of skills someone’s.

What are categories and subcategories?
The Category defines or pinpoints a specific group related to one’s industry or profession, and Subcategory is a derived term of the category. Example:  #1 Category: Web Development Sub Categories: WordPress, PHP/ASP, HTML, CSS etc. #2 Category: Home Improvement Sub Categories: Carpentry & Woodworking, Bathroom Remodeling, Roofing, Kitchen Remodeling, Additions etc.

Can I use FrugoBee without a computer?
Yes. You can use FrugoBee on your smart phone, tablets, note pad, local library internet system, or any system allowing internet access.

Do I have to fill out all the information on my profile?
Yes, we request this so that people looking for you services can see your specialized skills, trade or profession. Service providers whose profile includes photos, skills, and a description get hired more often and service contractors with complete profile receive more offers on the jobs they post.

What is an onsite Service Provider?
Service Providers who work online only. They work remotely from any part of the world to assist you with any job, assignment or task that involves non-contact.

What is an offsite Service Provider?
Service Providers who go directly to the servicer contractor’s home or office, including any physical location within the metropolitan area.

How do I Cancel My Membership?
Simply notify our support team and we will cancel your free membership and should you decide to return, we will welcome you back with open arms.

Service Provider – Finding/Working A Project:

If I sign up as a service provider am I a FrugoBee employee?
No, you are a self-employed contractor.

If I accept job assignments do I have to pay taxes on my income?
Yes, according to state laws but for more information go to: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Reporting-Miscellaneous-Income.

How are payments released and sent to professional service providers?
All payments are made through PayPal.

How long will it take to receive my payment after I complete the assignment?
Upon completion of the project, Customers have 24 to 72 hours, to release your payment upon satisfaction.

What are ratings & reviews?
Ratings and Reviews lets you see how others have rated your services and your level of professionalism.

How to register if I want to find work?
On home click on Register at top of page or Join Us. It’s Free Fill in your Username, Email Address and Select Service Provider, and check your email for your password.

Can I Provide My Contact Information Unfortunately you are not allowed to share person contact information until the job has been awarded. All communication must be done through our online platform. Contractors should post their experience in their user profiles to advertise their experience and Professional skills.

Is it mandatory to post the profile picture?
For the safety of our Service Contractor Employers, we request that all offsite Service Providers post their most recent photo ID and list a complete description of your Skills, Profession and/or Trade.

What is the Benefit in working on FrugoBee’s Website?
You have the skills and FrugoBee provides a free platform for the jobs.  You are rewarded for your work ethic and you have an opportunity to meet new people around the globe and earn income at the same time.

Who posts in FrugoBee?
You and other people just like you! Individuals, Businesses, Non-Profits you name it! Anyone looking for a quick way to find help, all use FrugoBee.

Who will I work with?
You will work with all kinds of people! You choose who you want to work with. Choose a business or individual locally or internationally.

How do I find a job?
Click the Find work button in the home page and from the jobs listed. Select the work you wish to bid or click here to go to the jobs page.

How do I apply for a job post?
Log In to your registered account and click the job post you wish to apply. In the detailed view page about the job click SUBMIT A PROPOSAL button in the right side of the page to fill in the details and bid for the job.

How will FrugoBee guarantee my payment for the work I complete?
You are not allowed to start working on a project until FrugoBee has given you confirmation that the “Service Contract Employer” has escrowed the funds for your project. Once you have confirmation FrugoBee will guarantee the payment.

How and when do I claim my payment?
After completing the work and your service contractor is satisfied, they can authorize FrugoBee to release payment. If you service contractor has not released your payment within three business days, you may notify FrugoBee to claim your payment.

Is it safe to work with service contractors outside of FrugoBee payment system?
No, it is not safe to work outside of the FrugoBee payment system. Your chances increase in being taken advantage of, and working with unsuspected criminals. If a service provider or service contractor employer is discovered attempting to work outside of the FrugoBee platform; that will be grounds for immediate termination of your membership.

When should I start working?
You should only begin work after getting notification from FrugoBee confirming the Service Contractor employer’s payment has been escrowed.

Service Contractor – Posting A Project:

On average, how much can I expect to save?
We can’t predict your savings, but on average we estimate 20% to 70% depending on the project.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We use PayPal to process all transactions.  PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

What types of projects or job assignments can I post?
Online jobs, outdoor work, indoor work, office work, home repair, and more.

How to post a project?
Go to Post New Job and complete all the information.

What happens if I want to cancel my project?
No Worries, Just contact your service provider immediately informing them that you wish to cancel and contact our customer support team. All Refunds are issued within 48 hours.

After assignment what if I can’t contact the person I hired or the person who hired me?
Feel free to cancel that work assignment.

How do I register if I want to hire a Service Provider?
On home click on Register at top of page or Join Us. It’s Free and fill-in your information. Fill in your Username, Email Address and select Service Provider.

What can I post as a business assignment?
For Offline Services: The service categories include Dog Walkers, Personal Chefs, Housekeepers, Carpenters, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Handymen, Landscapers, Home Renovations, Computer Technicians, etc., Please Note anything outside of the normal scope of professional business services will not be posted.

For Online Services:  Business service categories include Office Administrators, Receptionists, Virtual Assistants, Web Designers & Programmers, Copywriters, Editors and Proofreaders, Legal, Bookkeepers, Sales & Marketing, Design & Multimedia, etc., from anywhere in the world.

How do I edit my job post or business assignments? When creating a new job assignment, just use the back button prior to confirming your job post. If you have already created your project in “MyAccout” find the job post you want to edit and click on Edit Project highlighted in Grey

I don’t see my post. Where did it go?
If you can’t find your post, there are a couple of things that could be going on. Your post offers services or labor instead of requesting work. Your post included inappropriate content. FrugoBee is a public platform and we aim to create a space that is appropriate for all ages. Please keep this in mind when you decide to post on the forum.

As a service contractor, am I hiring FrugoBee employees?
No, all services providers are self-employed independent contractors, and are not FrugoBee employees.

How safe is it to hire someone from FrugoBee?
All offsite Individual Service Providers have to undergone a strict vetting process, which includes a National background checkand Onsite “online/virtual” service providers do not receive payment until they have delivered quality work.

How Do I Cancel or Delete a Project?
In MyAccount see all of your posts, click DELETE button highlighted in Grey.

How Do I Pay for my job after it has been approved?
Once you have selected your winner you will be prompted to pay. Once your   payment has been confirmed, FrugoBee will notify your service provider to start work. If you do not pay at that time your work will not begin. To return to the payment screen, click on the Finances link to the left to Escrow Payment.

Why Was My Account Put on Hold?
If your account has been frozen, there may have been inappropriate content, an unauthorized job post, or an attempt to work outside of the FrugoBee platform. Please contact administration ASAP in the event you feel your account has been frozen.

How do I select a service provider?
In MyAccount click on provider search, review each profile and select contact user. Contact multiple users to select the one that best fits your job assignment.

When do I need to pay for my project?
All “Service Contractor Employers are required to escrow funds via PayPal immediately once you have selected a winner. Once you select a winner, your screen will automatically go to Make Escrow Payment. Please be sure to escrow sufficient funds to accommodate your service provider. Your work can not begin until your escrow payment has been confirmed via PayPal. Please note that FrugoBee monetizes our platform by deducting 15% per transaction to maintain over overhead, so please make sure you are escrowing sufficient funds to cover your service provider’s fee’s. Your payment will be held in our PayPal escrow account, until your job has been satisfied and completed.  Click on Finances to escrow payment.

How do I get a refund?
In the event you hire a Service Provider and no work has been completed, you must inform the contractor that you are canceling the project. Once you have canceled with your Service Provider, simply contact customer support and we will gladly refund your escrow payment.

What to do if there is a dispute?
We ask that you first try to work out your dispute with you service provider, but in the event there is no resolution. Notify our customer support team and we will place your payment on hold, and try to resolve the dispute within 3-5 days. If after 5 days no resolution has been made. Your dispute will go to our arbitration team who will attempt to resolve the issue over 7-14. If the dispute is irreconcilable all parties will be directed to professional arbitration. In the event a service provider does not reply to a disputed claim or is unable to comply with professional arbitration laws, rules and regulations. The service contractor employer will receive a full refund within 30 days. In our experience most disputes are easily resolved.

How do I award the job?
In your MyAccount settings if you see that proposals have been sent, click on your job post title which is highlighted in Blue.  Scroll down to mid page, read message and click Select Winner or reply to message. Anyone who are registered as a Service Providers or Service Contractor Employees, and anyone who reviews our social media recent job posts.

How do I leave a feedback?
In your MyAccount back office, once your assignment is complete click on the Reviews/Feedback link to Rate and leave feedback.

FrugoBee Charges and Fees:

Is this a free trail offer and will I be charged additional fees after 30 days?
No this is not a free trail offer. FrugoBee is absolutely free and there are no monthly Membership fees for this account. You are registering for a free online membership with Frugobee.com. We maintain our overhead by deducting a small percentage off of each closed transaction.

Background Check:

Are there any fee’s for my background?
Yes, Each service provider is required to pay a $25.00 fee for his/her background check. Background checks will be done at least every two to three years unless otherwise stated.

Can I receive a copy of my background?
It is not our policy to issue copies of your background check,  however, if you are denied membership based on your background check. You can request in writing a copy of your report by emailing our customer support team and submitting the following ; ssn, phone, copy of your ID, and mailing address.

How will my information be kept safe and confidential?
Frugobee does not store any personal or confidential information about our members on our website. Your information is kept safe with whichever agency we utilize to gather our information. In addition all information is kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with third party entities “unless required by law”.

Why is a background check required?
We are committed to protecting our members to every extent possible. Due to the rise of false identity, fake profiles, fake references, etc… these make legitimate reasons to verify identity and safely screen for any criminal offensives.

What if I elect not to have a background check?
By refusing to have a background check, you will not be allowed to bid on any jobs that require direct contact with individual or business consumers aka “service contractors”.

What  information does the background check provide?
The background checks are only meant to verify your identity and confirm that you do not have a criminal background. We do not consider tickets as criminal activity.