Background Check Policy

In addition to our vetting process a backgound check will be required if the job you are bidding on requires that you have access or direct contact to any consumer’s residences, living quarters, and/or business location. A background check and/or your identity verification, verifies the information provided by you the “contractor” aka service provider.

Individual Contractors/1099 workers aka “Service Providers” who wish to bid on jobs that require direct contact with indiviuals or business consumers, or who wish to work off-site/outside of our online platform, such as (run earrands, drop-off or pick-up items, delivery person, landscaper, handyman services ect.) must undergo a nationwide background check.

Frugobee uses independent sources such as criminal and civil court records and/or national consumer reporting agencies who are experienced working with businesses, ministries, and non profit organizations. You will be directed to a secure link, and the following information will be require to verify your identity and crimminal record.
Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, DOB, SSN Verification and Address History, and Alias Names