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“FrugoBee is America’s new way of doing business, now customers set the price.”

FrugoBee is a new-age online marketplace empowering individuals and businesses to get things done at affordable prices. We link consumers in need of any specific job and/or service to professionals willing to work at the consumer’s predetermined prices.

Individual service categories include Dog Walkers, Personal Chefs, Housekeepers, Carpenters, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Handymen, Landscapers, Home Renovations, Computer Technicians, etc.

Business service categories include Office Administrators, Receptionists, Virtual Assistants, Web Designers & Programmers, Copywriters, Editors & Proofreaders, Legal, Bookkeepers, Sales & Marketing, Design & Multimedia, etc.

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To make services affordable to every individual consumer and business owner in America, and provide a marketplace where common everyday professionals can generate full or part-time income to support their families throughout the world.

Our Story

FrugoBee was formed out of frustration over how goods and services are priced and purchased in America. The ideal came to Dea Woods after realizing she paid in access of $200 an hour for a small home improvement project. In 2002 a bid was put out to several contractors for a small home improvement project. After negotiating with several contractors none of them were willing to negotiate a lower price based on a set budget. One of the contractors was very convincing when he stated that no other contractor would do the job for less, so his bid was accepted. At that time there was no doubt that this was the best deal out there.

Months later, Dea decided to do the math to find out how much she saved on her new renovation project. When she discovered that she paid in access of $200 per hour, she was outraged and vowed to find a way that would allow consumers to control the pricing of future services. This is how the name Frugal-Bee was birthed. Frugal describes millions of everyday consumers worldwide and Bees can be described as busy and industrious. A couple of letters were changed and, BAM, FrugoBee was created.